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Activity Nets This monkey net is in Colchester Zoo

Our purpose is to design innovative and delightful play equipment from rope and net. Our rope and net play solutions offer choice, consider impairments and give children of all abilities the opportunity to play together.


Decking Suspension Bridge This bridge is in the Olympic Park

Our virtually limited range and ability make our products visually unique, adventuresome and the perfect investment. Let us provide you with a quality, bespoke engineered product turning your idea into reality.


High Play Value, Bespoke Builds

Fantastic to look at and awe inspiring to climb, sit it or scramble over. Colourful and complex netting provides physical and mental challenges for everyone. We can design, manufacture and install any Netscape to suit any age.


We’re favoured by architects for our Public Play Spaces

Instead of having to accept a product which may only meet part of your requirements and design brief imagine being able to get a product which gives you the ‘Total Solution’. Our bespoke service allows you to have just that!